Gift Giving Changes with ItsOnMe

LAS VEGAS — ItsOnMe, an app that allows users to send gift cards and give goods and services from a local community without being there, launched more than two years ago and has transferred nearly 300,000 gifts to date.

The brainchild of CEO and Las Vegas resident David Leibner, the app provides consumers with the ability to give a gift via social media, email or text. When redeeming the gift, the recipient simply types the business invoice or receipt number into the app which communicates with the point of sale system to deduct the gift amount.

Participating businesses receive placement on the app, a gifting widget on their site, and blogging press. ItsOnMe also takes photographs to publicize the businesses on the app its own site.

ItsOnMe expects to roll out in New York City and San Francisco soon as dozens of locations in those two cities are being added monthly.

Source: Las Vegas Business Press

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