Disabled veterans receive training and jobs in North Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS — A new program announced by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs and city officials will train disabled veterans through work experience gained by placement in positions throughout the city.

Advantages to both sides include on-the-job training for veterans to transition as civilian workers and fulfillment of vacant revenue-generating positions within the city. The city hopes to train up to 20 disabled veterans at a time in a variety of departments including accounting, business licensing, fire prevention, mechanics and permitting.

The non-paid placements are for a six-month period with opportunity to expand up to one year. In return for participation in the program, the VA will supply a monthly living allowance to the participating veteran. Veterans who have a nondishonorable discharge and have a disability related to their service in the military may qualify for the program.

The city hopes to have positions filled by Dec. 1 and is already interviewing candidates.

Source: Las Vegas Sun

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