Get Me hiring Go-Getters in Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS — Another Southern Nevada ride-hailing company, Get Me, is set to take off with a launch date of Nov. 12. The startup and newest addition to the growing service industry plans to shuttle meals, groceries, medicines and other packages – in addition to people – for a fee.

The company is recruiting drivers and plans to initially hire 60 of the so-called Go-Getters. Get Me currently has only six employees and is in the process of hiring a Las Vegas director.

Get Me launched in Dallas in August and quickly expanded operations to include Houston and Austin. The Las Vegas and San Antonio openings are next on the horizon with plans to expand internationally during the first quarter of 2016.

Prospective drivers can complete an application and onboard at the office at 6166 S. Sandhill Road, Suite 116.

The Get Me app is freely available on both Apple and Android platforms to use the service which works in a fashion similar to Uber and Lyft. Contracted drivers for Get Me will earn 80 percent of the fare or delivery charge with only 20 percent going to the company.

Source: Las Vegas Review-Journal

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