New Reno Startup Deck deals in entrepreneurial development

RENO, Nev. – The Reno Startup Deck – playing cards designed to build an entrepreneurial culture in the region – are available now from the Economic Development Authority of Western Nevada (EDAWN).

EDAWN launched the engaging playing card deck to inform and educate new and existing entrepreneurs and ventures. Playful and inspiring, the deck promotes networking with individuals of a variety of strengths, learning from other local startup companies and becoming familiar with the area’s ample entrepreneurial resources.

The first card in the deck explains the playing rules, a social contract of Reno’s startup scene that sets the tone for a culture of entrepreneurial success, and encourages participation. The second card gives players the opportunity to take the cards on the street and network by providing one free drink at The Hub, Craft, Swill and Coffeebar.

Each numbered card features a different tip, from entrepreneurial groups and inspirational events to educational opportunities and third-party services. The face cards showcase prominent individuals in the community to meet and connect with, and the aces highlight Reno angel funds.

The decks can be purchased online at and the revenues directly support many of the programs and events listed within the deck.

Source: EDAWN Press Release

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